One thing a start-up has to consider is the funding for their company

PDF Article: startsg_-fintech-start-up-scheme_-applications-open-companies-markets-news-top-stories-the-straits-times

Caption: A company looking for start-ups to fund for.

Date: 3 November 2016

This article basically talks about a company, Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore, who recently opened applications for fintech related companies to sign up for, so that they can help them in their fundings, or just help them as a start-up in general. There is also this “BigFund” which is a start-up laboratory by the Entrepreneur’s Resource Centre (ERC), which helps the start-up to commercialize across South-East Asia. This can be interpreted or seen as a ‘kick-starter’ thing.

Relating to this start-up matters in the things we learnt, in one of the e-learning weeks, we learnt about the different ways a start-up can get funding.

  1. Self-funding
  2. Friends & Family
  3. Angel Investors/Bank/Venture Capital

These are the few ways that one can get their funding as a start-up. Of course, the most common one would always be self-funding or friends & family. However, these two options can also be the more riskier ones because if your start-up fails, there will be an impact on you directly. These two options can also come under the term ‘debt financing’ which means that you borrow the money from them, thus being in debt to them. The more ideal way to get funding might be through the last option. Similar to the article above, start-ups can get their fundings through firms offering it. This comes under ‘equity financing’ which means other external people actually investing in the company.

Besides these two; debt financing and equity financing, a start-up can also get their fundings through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a trending way that start-ups usually gain their funds from now. However, the thing about crowdfunding is that, the idea of the business has to be new and unique so that people are attracted or can relate. Only then, people would support the project. If the business is common and not relatable, it will not be easy for one to gain funds from the crowdfunding method.

Thus, for this blog post, i have related the article to what we learnt which is the different ways a start-up can get their funding from.


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